Innovative Environmental Developments in Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

Innovative Environmental Developments in Commercial Cleaning 

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of a large proportion of society is very aware of eco- friendly businesses and actions.  Increasingly, people are voting with their wallets for eco-friendly businesses and business practices.

One area that society is only beginning to come to grips with is the effect that cleaning products can have on the environment.  The trend towards cleaner greener cleaning products is one that ois sure to continue for the foreseeable future.

Cleaning chemicals can and do effect the environment.  Chemicals have an impact upon river systems and break down slowly, if at all.  The non biodegradable products remain in the  environment and can get into the food chain.  This may cause all sorts of harmful long term consequences.  It is becoming a necessity that companies take steps to ensure that they use cleaning agents that will have little to no impact upon the environment.

Additionally cleaning chemicals can cause irritation to people in the form of rashes, breathing difficulties and headaches.

Envy Cleaning Solutions take every precaution to ensure that green cleaning products are used in all scenarios.  The industry is evolving and there are some interesting cleaning innovations that are on the horizon that may have even better environmental outcomes.   The problem is that chemicals are included in cleaning problems for a reason – that is that  they work.  While Envy Cleaning is acutely aware of  the problems associated with chemicals we are are first and foremost interested in providing cleaning solutions.  For that reason we are certainly aware of these new cleaning techniques.

  1. Aqueous Ozone Watering System helps to change everyday tap water into a highly effective cleaning method by infusing it with Ozone – a highly effective natural sanitiser
  2. Diamond cleaning pads – used to polish floor services and use no chemicals at all.
  3. Environmentally friendly chewing gum removal products.

The cleaning industry is constantly evolving to meet market demands and the rush is on to deliver cleaner greener solutions for commercial cleaners .  As a leading Melbourne based commercial cleaning service, Envy Cleaning Solutions take a keen interest in new environmentally safer cleaing methodologies.  We are willing and ready to discuss all your cleaning requirements with you.  Give us a call today to arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss all your requirements.

Identify Dangerous Cleaning Trends Before Your Business Suffers

Identify Dangerous Cleaning Trends Before Your Business Suffers

Everybody can be forgiven for having a bad day and no commercial cleaning service can promise to be perfect all the time.  But when a bad day becomes bad days and those days become weeks, it’s fair to say that you have a serious problem.  It’s best to nip the problems in the bud before they really have negative consequences for your business.

Here are some dangerous trends to  be on the lookout for.

Noticeable People Issues

People are the foundation stone of all good businesses.  Good systems, procedures and equipment all help, but people issues can throw a gigantic spanner in the works. While a commercial cleaner’s HR problems are not yours – they will manifest in poor performance. Be on the lookout for a consistent stream of new faces performing cleaning duties as  well as apathy and indications of disgruntlement.  When you notice a drop off in training it may be an indicator that poor performance is about to follow.

Equipment Issues

Modern cleaning equipment is cleaner, greener and more economical.  Use of modern cleaning equipment reduces cleaning hours and resultant cleaning costs.   A cleaning company that relies upon old outdated equipment is costing you money as well as running the risk of breakdowns.


Professional cleaning companies should guarantee a consistent standard of performance.  When things tend to fray at the edges, it’s a sure sign that the cleaning company is beginning to lose focus.  Sure, there will be the occasional day where mistakes happen or things get overlooked.  But, when you no longer know what to expect from your cleaners there is a clear problem.

Poor Response Times

Errors occur.  We are all human. How people respond when an error occurs tells you more about the  business then the error itself does. Lets be clear if they pay you lip service and promise to get things fixed but don’t deliver – there’s a massive problem.  Of course, when they don’t respond to issues you raise you have a problem.  If they don’t care neither should you.  Find someone who does.

Nothing runs smoothly all the time.  Mistakes do happen but when poor service becomes an issue, its time to move on and  find a cleaning company that will deliver the cleaning quality that you expect.  Envy Cleaning Solutions take pride in the level of service that we deliver.  We  ensure that our people are trained to deliver quality cleaning services and will structure a cleaning regime that will suit your business.

If you are looking for a professional cleaning company in Melbourne that you can rely upon, contact us today on 1300201341

Keeping Your Keyboards Clean.

Have you ever considered how many germs lurk on your office keyboard? When you think about it, keyboards are the primary workstation in the modern office and as such they can potentially host bacteria in many forms.  In fact, a study at UNC’s medical care centre remarkably found that all keyboards that they tested harboured a staphylococci germ commonly found in hospitals and 80% also contained other disease causing bacteria called iptheroidds.

If that is not enough to get you reaching for an antiseptic cloth you might want to consider that office keyboards have been found to have as much as sixty times the germs found on toilet seats.

Make no mistake – keyboards can have a very negative impact upon your office health.

Most keyboards are collectors of dust particles as the spaces and gaps between keys make it easy for all sorts of debris to get trapped there.  This build up encourages germs to grow and must be dealt with.

It’s essential that keyboards are cleaned regularly to prevent the build up of dangerous germs and the spread of disease amongst your employees.   Here are a few tips to assist with keyboard cleaning.

  • Use disinfectant cloths to regularly clean the keyboards.  There are cloths specifically designed for this purpose.
  • Shake your keyboard regularly to dislodge any dirt or food crumbs that may have fallen on it.
  • Consider purchasing some compressed air containers.  These are great tools to use to clean the gaps and spaces on your keyboard
  • Discourage eating around keyboards, as food crumbs are a major source of contamination.

Ad-hoc keyboard cleaning programs may go some way to reducing the risk that keyboards pose to office health.  However, when you engage a professional cleaning company to attend to your office cleaning needs, you can arrange to implement a regular keyboard cleaning program.

Envy Cleaning Solutions provides a comprehensive office cleaning service that will ensure the safe cleaning of all your office furniture and equipment.

Call us today to descuss your office cleaning requirements.

Why You Need A Professional Vacuum Cleaner to Clean Your Office

Why You Need A Professional Vacuum Cleaner to Clean Your Office.

If you’re trying to get your office cleaned with a residential model vacuum cleaner, you’re not really serious about your office cleaning.  A commercial model vacuum cleaner will not have as many features as a residential cleaner.  What it will be though is much more powerful.

Commercial vacuum cleaners are built to give maximum suction as they are deigned specifically to clean large areas in the quickest possible time.

This brings greater efficiency with cleaning and makes cleaning more effective.

The specific advantages of a commercial vacuum cleaner are-:

  1. Cost effectiveness
    While the initial cost may be a little disconcerting, a commercial vacuum cleaner has several cost advantages.  Its robustness will guarantee a longer lifespan and will far offset the initial outlay.  Additionally, its efficiency may result in lower power costs.
  2. Time Saving
    The size and power of a commercial vacuum cleaner will substantially reduce the amount of time spent on this daily chore.
  3. Cleaner and Greener
    Top of the line commercial vacuum cleaners are fitted with  a disposal mechanism that extracts and traps all dust and other debris from the surface.  This will help make the office a cleaner greener place to work.

Of course, the best option is to engage a commercial cleaner who already has the right commercial vacuum cleaner for your office.  Envy Cleaning Solutions have the right equipment and knowledge to get your office cleaned professionally and most importantly efficiently.

Give us a call today to discuss all of your office cleaning requirements.

You Can’t Cut Corners On Floor Cleaning and Maintenance 

It may come as a surprise to you but floors are one of the first things that help a  visitor form an impression of your business.   It may not even be on a concious level but you can expect that every visitor notices how the floors look and feel and that impression will either help put them at ease or make then feel uneasy.  For this reason the cleaning and maintenance of a business’ floor area requires some careful consideration and action.

Commercial cleaners need to be able to clean and treat a wide variety of floors, taking into account the materials, style and age of the flooring.  Different floors require different treatments.  Some of the more common floor cleaning tasks would include-:

  • Carpeted areas can help a business to present a  modern professional image, however, without regular cleaning, they can quickly deteriorate.  They are liable to absorb large amounts of dirt and dust.  Without regular treatment carpets will lose their lush feel and texture and become drab signs of a business that doesn’t take pride in its appearance.  Daily vacuuming will certainly help prolong a carpet’s life and maintain its appearance. Depending on foot traffic steam cleaning at least on an annual basis will give the carpets a longer life.
  • Hard Floors will not trap dust and a good daily sweep will keep them looking tidy. However, over time hard floors will lose their shine and a professional cleaning company capable of floor polishing and buffing should be engaged.
  • Tiled floor surfaces are very popular with many businesses.  They look smart and retain their shine for long periods.  However, they don;t hide dirt well and require mopping on a daily basis.  Tiles need a little extra care as they are more prone to damage than other surfaces.
  • Wooden floors can look spectacular in the right environment.  However, they require specialised treatment by cleaners skilled in the treatment of wood floors.  They require regular sweeping and mopping as well as polishing to maintain their sheen.

As flooring is such an integral part of every business’ operations it pays to engage the right people to care for it.

Envy Cleaning Solutions are professional floor cleaners with  a team of highly trained cleaners capable of treating your flooring with the care and attention that your expect.  Give us a call today to discuss your floor cleaning needs.

The Simple Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Office Cleanliness

Office cleaning is a necessary component of your business operations.  It’s true that some cleaning tasks can be undertaken by office workers but if you want a truly professional job done then your best course of action is to engage a professional cleaning contractor.

Regardless of whether you choose to do cleaning yourself there are some common mistakes that can really adversely effect your business.

Food scraps in waste bins

Many workplaces have employees that throw food scraps in office waste paper bins.  It seems harmless enough, but these bins provide a great home for cockroaches and other nasty creepy crawlies.  These dirty little pests can spread disease and cause some damage to furniture and fittings.

Superficial Cleaning

The trap of cleaning only visible areas or worse still, areas only visible to the public is a very easy trap to fall into.  Concealed spaces beneath desks and around the corners of furniture can easily build up dust and dirt which can become quite toxic. Superficial cleaning can lead to an unhealthy workplace.

Wrong chemicals

Chemicals are used extensively for cleaning.  However, unless you or your employees know precisely what the effects of the chemicals will be, chemical cleaners can cause more trouble than they are worth.  All cleaning chemicals should be thoroughly researched before authorising use within your office.

No Office Cleaning  Standards

While most organisations and small businesses draft some form of employee standards an often overlooked area is basic office cleanliness.  It doesn’t hurt to set expectations around office tidiness and cleanliness.  If you think it necessary, you can incorporate basic office cleaning practices within  your employee handbook.

Failing to Vacuum Daily

Constant foot traffic make carpets a dirt and grime trap that unless cleaned regularly will make a perfect host for all sorts of nasty germs.  Daily cleaning of carpets will help you to maintain a healthy and clean  office environment.

Putting Cleaning Tasks Off

Its easy to let things slide unless you have a regular structured cleaning program.  Managing cleaning tasks need not be difficult.  It will be a lot less difficult if you have a structured program that will encourage regular cleaning of all areas.

These problems can be managed with a little planning.

Relying upon staff employed primarily for other purposes can be counter productive.   If your office cleaning program is allowed to drift, you run the risk of your office feeling dirty and harbouring potentially dangerous gems.  The best way to counter this risk is to engage a professional cleaning company that will implement a thorough and regular cleaning program.

Envy Cleaning Solutions provide quality Melbourne office cleaning services that will take the hassle  out of cleaning.

Ten Mistakes You Can Make When Stripping Vinyl Floors

Ten Mistakes You Can Make When Stripping Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors look great and can improve the ‘wow!’ factor of your office when clients come to visit. The only problem is they can sometimes be a real pain to clean. You can actually be making things harder for yourself by making any one of these ten common mistakes:

Sprinting to the finish before you learn to walk:

Floor stripping is an art that takes time to master. You’ll want to make sure the entire floor is pristine by the end so practicing on a small corner of the floor until your confident you can take on the whole job is a good idea.

Not having the correct tools and equipment for the job:

Have you ever tried to hammer a nail in with the blunt end of a screwdriver? That’s exactly what you’re doing when trying to get through the floor stripping process without the right tools.

Not knowing which chemicals are safe to use:

Make sure you know what chemicals can be used on each type of floor. There is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” when stripping floors.

Cross contamination:

Be sure to use clean water, mops, buckets and other equipment to avoid making an unnecessary mess.

Not wearing correct protective wear:

Wear clothing that will protect you and at all times you should be wearing goggles, gloves and enclosed non-slip shoes.

Failing to display safety signs:

When doing anything involving floors ensure that safety cones and ‘slippery-when-wet’ signs are easily visible.

Overextending the work area:

Keep the floor sectioned off and strip the floors in manageable segments.

Improperly diluting the floor stripping chemicals:

Read the instructions carefully. If in doubt, always use cold water to dilute any chemicals for the safest (and best) results.

Walking on the floor before it has dried:

This is a big no-no. Don’t walk on the wet floor under any circumstance, wait until the floor is completely dryUsing a wet/dry vacuum and not using a defoamer:

A defoamer is important because it helps stop the formation of foam leaving a proper sheen.

These are some simple mistakes that are easy to make but are also very easy to avoid. There should be no reason for your floors to suffer unnecessarily.

If you’re looking for a professional cleaning service in Melbourne that won’t be breaking any of these rules, it may be time to contact Envy Cleaning Solutions – Commercial Cleaners in Melbourne. There’s nothing quite like the stunning shine of a freshly stripped and polished floor. We have the expertise and equipment to turn your dull floor into an impressive feature.