Keeping Your Keyboards Clean.

2nd of January 2018

Keeping Your Keyboards Clean.

Have you ever considered how many germs lurk on your office keyboard? When you think about it, keyboards are the primary workstation in the modern office and as such they can potentially host bacteria in many forms.  In fact, a study at UNC’s medical care centre remarkably found that all keyboards that they tested harboured a staphylococci germ commonly found in hospitals and 80% also contained other disease causing bacteria called iptheroidds.

If that is not enough to get you reaching for an antiseptic cloth you might want to consider that office keyboards have been found to have as much as sixty times the germs found on toilet seats.

Make no mistake – keyboards can have a very negative impact upon your office health.

Most keyboards are collectors of dust particles as the spaces and gaps between keys make it easy for all sorts of debris to get trapped there.  This build up encourages germs to grow and must be dealt with.

It’s essential that keyboards are cleaned regularly to prevent the build up of dangerous germs and the spread of disease amongst your employees.   Here are a few tips to assist with keyboard cleaning.

  • Use disinfectant cloths to regularly clean the keyboards.  There are cloths specifically designed for this purpose.
  • Shake your keyboard regularly to dislodge any dirt or food crumbs that may have fallen on it.
  • Consider purchasing some compressed air containers.  These are great tools to use to clean the gaps and spaces on your keyboard
  • Discourage eating around keyboards, as food crumbs are a major source of contamination.

Ad-hoc keyboard cleaning programs may go some way to reducing the risk that keyboards pose to office health.  However, when you engage a professional cleaning company to attend to your office cleaning needs, you can arrange to implement a regular keyboard cleaning program.

Envy Cleaning Solutions provides a comprehensive office cleaning service that will ensure the safe cleaning of all your office furniture and equipment.

Call us today to descuss your office cleaning requirements.

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