Identify Dangerous Cleaning Trends Before Your Business Suffers

22nd of January 2018

Identify Dangerous Cleaning Trends Before Your Business Suffers

Identify Dangerous Cleaning Trends Before Your Business Suffers

Everybody can be forgiven for having a bad day and no commercial cleaning service can promise to be perfect all the time.  But when a bad day becomes bad days and those days become weeks, it’s fair to say that you have a serious problem.  It’s best to nip the problems in the bud before they really have negative consequences for your business.

Here are some dangerous trends to  be on the lookout for.

Noticeable People Issues

People are the foundation stone of all good businesses.  Good systems, procedures and equipment all help, but people issues can throw a gigantic spanner in the works. While a commercial cleaner’s HR problems are not yours – they will manifest in poor performance. Be on the lookout for a consistent stream of new faces performing cleaning duties as  well as apathy and indications of disgruntlement.  When you notice a drop off in training it may be an indicator that poor performance is about to follow.

Equipment Issues

Modern cleaning equipment is cleaner, greener and more economical.  Use of modern cleaning equipment reduces cleaning hours and resultant cleaning costs.   A cleaning company that relies upon old outdated equipment is costing you money as well as running the risk of breakdowns.


Professional cleaning companies should guarantee a consistent standard of performance.  When things tend to fray at the edges, it’s a sure sign that the cleaning company is beginning to lose focus.  Sure, there will be the occasional day where mistakes happen or things get overlooked.  But, when you no longer know what to expect from your cleaners there is a clear problem.

Poor Response Times

Errors occur.  We are all human. How people respond when an error occurs tells you more about the  business then the error itself does. Lets be clear if they pay you lip service and promise to get things fixed but don’t deliver – there’s a massive problem.  Of course, when they don’t respond to issues you raise you have a problem.  If they don’t care neither should you.  Find someone who does.

Nothing runs smoothly all the time.  Mistakes do happen but when poor service becomes an issue, its time to move on and  find a cleaning company that will deliver the cleaning quality that you expect.  Envy Cleaning Solutions take pride in the level of service that we deliver.  We  ensure that our people are trained to deliver quality cleaning services and will structure a cleaning regime that will suit your business.

If you are looking for a professional cleaning company in Melbourne that you can rely upon, contact us today on 1300201341

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