Innovative Environmental Developments in Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

22nd of January 2018

Innovative Environmental Developments in Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

Innovative Environmental Developments in Commercial Cleaning 

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of a large proportion of society is very aware of eco- friendly businesses and actions.  Increasingly, people are voting with their wallets for eco-friendly businesses and business practices.

One area that society is only beginning to come to grips with is the effect that cleaning products can have on the environment.  The trend towards cleaner greener cleaning products is one that ois sure to continue for the foreseeable future.

Cleaning chemicals can and do effect the environment.  Chemicals have an impact upon river systems and break down slowly, if at all.  The non biodegradable products remain in the  environment and can get into the food chain.  This may cause all sorts of harmful long term consequences.  It is becoming a necessity that companies take steps to ensure that they use cleaning agents that will have little to no impact upon the environment.

Additionally cleaning chemicals can cause irritation to people in the form of rashes, breathing difficulties and headaches.

Envy Cleaning Solutions take every precaution to ensure that green cleaning products are used in all scenarios.  The industry is evolving and there are some interesting cleaning innovations that are on the horizon that may have even better environmental outcomes.   The problem is that chemicals are included in cleaning problems for a reason – that is that  they work.  While Envy Cleaning is acutely aware of  the problems associated with chemicals we are are first and foremost interested in providing cleaning solutions.  For that reason we are certainly aware of these new cleaning techniques.

  1. Aqueous Ozone Watering System helps to change everyday tap water into a highly effective cleaning method by infusing it with Ozone – a highly effective natural sanitiser
  2. Diamond cleaning pads – used to polish floor services and use no chemicals at all.
  3. Environmentally friendly chewing gum removal products.

The cleaning industry is constantly evolving to meet market demands and the rush is on to deliver cleaner greener solutions for commercial cleaners .  As a leading Melbourne based commercial cleaning service, Envy Cleaning Solutions take a keen interest in new environmentally safer cleaing methodologies.  We are willing and ready to discuss all your cleaning requirements with you.  Give us a call today to arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss all your requirements.

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