The Simple Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Office Cleanliness

4th of November 2017

The Simple Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Office Cleanliness

Office cleaning is a necessary component of your business operations.  It’s true that some cleaning tasks can be undertaken by office workers but if you want a truly professional job done then your best course of action is to engage a professional cleaning contractor.

Regardless of whether you choose to do cleaning yourself there are some common mistakes that can really adversely effect your business.

Food scraps in waste bins

Many workplaces have employees that throw food scraps in office waste paper bins.  It seems harmless enough, but these bins provide a great home for cockroaches and other nasty creepy crawlies.  These dirty little pests can spread disease and cause some damage to furniture and fittings.

Superficial Cleaning

The trap of cleaning only visible areas or worse still, areas only visible to the public is a very easy trap to fall into.  Concealed spaces beneath desks and around the corners of furniture can easily build up dust and dirt which can become quite toxic. Superficial cleaning can lead to an unhealthy workplace.

Wrong chemicals

Chemicals are used extensively for cleaning.  However, unless you or your employees know precisely what the effects of the chemicals will be, chemical cleaners can cause more trouble than they are worth.  All cleaning chemicals should be thoroughly researched before authorising use within your office.

No Office Cleaning  Standards

While most organisations and small businesses draft some form of employee standards an often overlooked area is basic office cleanliness.  It doesn’t hurt to set expectations around office tidiness and cleanliness.  If you think it necessary, you can incorporate basic office cleaning practices within  your employee handbook.

Failing to Vacuum Daily

Constant foot traffic make carpets a dirt and grime trap that unless cleaned regularly will make a perfect host for all sorts of nasty germs.  Daily cleaning of carpets will help you to maintain a healthy and clean  office environment.

Putting Cleaning Tasks Off

Its easy to let things slide unless you have a regular structured cleaning program.  Managing cleaning tasks need not be difficult.  It will be a lot less difficult if you have a structured program that will encourage regular cleaning of all areas.

These problems can be managed with a little planning.

Relying upon staff employed primarily for other purposes can be counter productive.   If your office cleaning program is allowed to drift, you run the risk of your office feeling dirty and harbouring potentially dangerous gems.  The best way to counter this risk is to engage a professional cleaning company that will implement a thorough and regular cleaning program.

Envy Cleaning Solutions provide quality Melbourne office cleaning services that will take the hassle  out of cleaning.

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