Turn Your Office Clean and Green With These Simple Steps 

29th of November 2017

Turn Your Office Clean and Green With These Simple Steps 

Turn Your Office Clean and Green With These Simple Steps 

Going green is not only socially acceptable and an important branding issue for businesses , it can lead to significant savings and a healthier workplace.  With this in mind Envy Cleaning Solutions has compiled a list of simple actions that you can take to make your office greener, healthier and a happier place to work in.

The steps don’t have to be massive they just have to be taken.  Simple changes in routine can make huge changes to your work environment and bottom line.

  • Get rid of plastic cups.  These are often dispensed as easily disposable drinking utensils.  If plastic cups are supplied in your office, consider replacing them with paper ones.  In smaller offices it might be feasible to opt for ceramic mugs.
  • Use paper napkins in toilets as these will dissolve easily
  • Opt for digital storage wherever possible.  Paper  records  take up valuable storage space and use resources.  Wherever possible, opt for data storage methods.  Some paper records will need to be kept, but most records can be stored digitally, reducing your carbon footprint significantly.
  • Improve the air quality and air flow.  Offices are notorious for poor air quality.  Look at improving the quality of air by allowing the opening of some windows and failing that, encouraging some break time out doors.
  • Implement a recycling policy.  Many offices still don;t have one and many products are being thrown out when there is no need.  Develop a recycling area where all recyclable materials can be placed in bins for collection.  Your staff will appreciate your commitment
  • Use only green environmentally friendly cleaning materials.  This will help to reduce harmful pollutants in the office and make the workplace a healthier place.
  • Ensure your waste disposal methods are eco-friendly.
  • Consider really greening your office by introducing some indoor plants.  These natural air purifiers will help freshen the air you and your employees breathe.
  • Buy eco-friendly office supplies.  They are out there.
  • Encourage participation in the greening of your office environment.  This is not an exhaustive list and you can bet that your employees will have suggestions that will help your office become greener and healthier.

Envy Cleaning Solutions are a professional Melbourne based cleaning company that is well versed in green cleaning methods.  If you have any cleaning needs at all, be sure to give Envy Cleaning Solutions a call.

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