How to Keep Your Office Furniture Looking Great

18th of November 2017

How to Keep Your Office Furniture Looking Great

Office furniture and décor helps present your office in the best manner.  Businesses rightfully spend a great deal of time and money selecting the right furniture that will best represent the image of the  business.  Having gone to all that trouble, it makes sense to invest a little time in maintaining office furniture so that it looks great and lasts a long time.  Some furniture materials are relatively easy to maintain, while others require a little more attention.  Here is a short run down on the most popular furniture materials used today and how to keep them looking like new.

Metal furniture for the most part is relatively simple to maintain.  The surface area of metal furniture is not likely to wear in normal working conditions.  Regular dusting and the occasional scrub with a damp cloth to remove stubborn stains should suffice.

On the other hand, wooden furniture, although very popular takes a little more effort to safeguard.  Wooden furniture may require periodic waxing to prevent discolouration and to smooth over any rough surfaces.  It may also be necessary to guard against termite infestation of wooden furniture and anti termite treatments may need to be applied.

A particularly popular form of wooden furniture is teak furniture which is liable to fade over time.  Regular oiling of this material will keep the furniture looking new.  Many businesses are now opting for synthetic teak furniture which has the look and feel of natural teak but requires little maintenance other than regular dusting and wiping.

Laminated tables are also popular fixtures in many workplaces.  Laminate is any easy material to clean and requires nothing more than soap and water to remove the most stubborn stains.

Whatever material best suits your office space, a regular cleaning program is sure to improve the furniture’s lifespan and spread the replacement cost of the furniture out over a longer period.

With this in mind, it makes good sense to engage a team of professional office cleaners who have the expertise and commitment to care properly for your furniture.

Envy Cleaning Solutions provide professional cleaning services for businesses in the Melbourne, Abbotsford, Collingwood, Richmond, South Yarra and Southbank areas.  Our dedicated team  of professional cleaners know how to treat and maintain furniture so that it looks great and remains in top condition long after the initial purchase date.

If you need assistance with the cleaning of your office furniture or any other office cleaning matter call Envy Cleaning Solutions today to discuss your unique cleaning needs.

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