Safety guidance for every commercial cleaning activity

13th of December 2017

Safety guidance for every commercial cleaning activity

Safety guidance for every commercial cleaning activity

Occupational Health and Safety is one of those non negotiable requirements of every business. When you engage a commercial cleaner for any cleaning task it is important that you have prepared  some safety guidelines for your cleaners as well as  your  business employees. It cant be stressed enough just how important these safety guidelines are as there can be significant risk of injury  occurring while workers are engaged in these activities.

Here are some areas to consider.

When a floor is being mopped and cleaned, there should be appropriate “Wet Floor”  signs displayed, reducing the risk of slippage and falls.  Any fall can result in serious injury – and you should do everything in your power to reduce the risk.

Care should be taken when cleaners are required to use ladders to perform cleaning tasks. Your guidelines should require that someone stand below the ladder  to ensure that  the ladder does not over balance and  cause the cleaner to fall.

In addition to that  the ladders should be of sufficient quality to ensure that self-balancing does not create any threat of slippage.

Heavy lifting is another area that requires some attention. Proper education should be given to all staff likely to be involved in heavy lifting jobs.  The risk here is significant and costly back injuries .  Training should cover the correct  postures to adopt.

Waste disposal and collection within the office requires some thought.  It is essential to separate  combustible waste items and keep them well away from any kind of heat or flame.

Proper material storage is another area where written guidelines should be mandatory. By way of example it has been known  that some cleaning staff have stored ladders in front of  electricity panels – completely hiding the panel. The potential hazards of not being able to locate the electricity panel in a time of fire are obvious.

Safety equipment is also needed while performing many cleaning tasks. Essential equipment like gloves, glasses and aprons can be  useful safety shields and are able to protect workers against dust and chemicals.

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