invest In Cleaning To Safeguard Your Business

1st of December 2017

invest In Cleaning To Safeguard Your Business

invest In Cleaning To Safeguard Your Business

In an increasingly competitive business environment cost cutting is one measure that businesses take to maintain profitability.  While maintaining strict control over expenditure is always a good business policy, it is easy to be a penny wise and a pound foolish when it comes to pruning cleaning costs.

At first glance it may seem a reasonable strategy to cut back on cleaning, but less cleaning will mean that your business premises over time will deteriorate in it’s look and feel.  First impressions count and you want to ensure that your business presentation does not put you behind the eight ball from the start.  Consistent regular maintenance not only keeps your premises looking good, it also helps prevent nasty surprises that can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  Once material rots or wears it has to be replaced.  Regular cleaning helps to prevent this from happening.

Similarly, some companies may look to cut costs on cleaning materials, opting for cheaper cleaning products.  This could well prove to be a grave mistake.  Cheaper cleaning products may cause permanent damage to surfaces.  Great care is required in this area.

So, cleaning should not be viewed simply as an expense, but rather as an investment in the presentation of your business.

Once you begin to look at cleaning this light, you will see ways that you can save money while getting a better return on your investment.  Rather than consistently outlay money for staff, materials and equipment you can opt to engage a commercial cleaner to take care of all your cleaning requirements.  This investment has several advantages.

  • There is one line item cost – cleaning.  It is an agreed amount based upon agreed outcomes.
  • You have certainty that cleaning standards will be maintained.  The cleaning company will provide professional cleaners that are trained to deliver the required standard.  You will never have to worry about sick days, recruiting or training.  These hidden costs are removed from your business.
  • You can be confident that all materials used meet all OHS standards and requirements.
  • Your premises will be consistently maintained at a professional standard.

Short term cleaning cost cutting exercises often provide some short term gains.  However, the underlying  costs associated with these measures may far outweigh the initial benefits.  To properly gauge whet your cleaning requirements are and how they can be delivered in the most efficient way possible, the best strategy is to seek the advice of a professional cleaning company.

Proper cleaning of your business helps you to present the best possible image to your clientele, staff and suppliers.  In business your image/brand is one of your key assets.  Investing in cleaning will help you to protect your image.

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