Reducing Office Clutter Helps Make Cleaning More Effective

22nd of January 2018

Reducing Office Clutter Helps Make Cleaning More Effective

Reducing Office Clutter Helps Make Cleaning More Effective

We live in an amazingly busy time and the demands of everyday business life make it difficult to complete control of everything. With these ongoing demands, its easy to overlook things and allow little sloppiness to creep in.  There’s an old saying that the standard you walk past is the one you accept.  While it’s easy to let little things go, they can cause major ongoing problems.  One such little inconvenience is office clutter.

Clutter creates havoc, makes cleaning difficult and can seriously reduce office efficiency.  It’s time to take control of the office clutter problem and use a strategy that will improve your overall office efficiency as well as improve the overall cleanliness of the place.

Here’s a simple 4 step strategy to help you to take control of your office clutter.

  1. Bin what you don’t need.  A common trap is to file documents away that you will never have any use for.  If it is of no use today and there is  no reason to keep it – bin it,  Be ruthless in this regard.
  2. Share and redistribute what may be required by others. If you’re holding something that someone else may need – give it to them – get it off your desk and in to the hands of those that need it.
  3. Take immediate action on what you can.  Shuffling papers is procrastinating and procrastination is terribly inefficient.  Get things moving by acting quickly and decisively.
  4. File what you will need in the future but have no immediate use for.  Make sure you have an easy to follow filing system with a follow up system that will help you find items when you need to.

Adhering to this system will deliver you three key benefits – increase office efficiency, improve the office environment and make cleaning that much easier – which should of course result in a cleaner, more hygienic office.

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