Cleaning Tiled Floor Surfaces Melbourne

22nd of January 2018

Cleaning Tiled Floor Surfaces Melbourne

Cleaning Tiled Floor Surfaces

Tiled floor surfaces can look great and present a wonderfully professional image, particularly when first installed.  However, as with all interior surfaces, time and effort needs to be put into maintaining tiled floor surfaces in a good clean state.  To give you a one size fits all solution to cleaning tiled floor surfaces is not effective as the range and variety of floor surfaces requires expertise and know how.

Recent technological trends have seen a lot of non slip tiles being installed.  Obviously, these non slip surfaces have great health and safety benefits as they help to prevent slippage and resultant injury.  While the benefits of non slip tiles are obvious, there is a down side and that is non slip tiles take much more effort to keep clean.

The very nature and texture of non slip tiles makes them a potential grease and grime trap.  Without prompt attention, there is potential for these tiles to become a breeding ground for bacteria.  They can become unsightly and even odorous.  The potential is increased even further in wet areas like wash rooms and kitchen areas.

In addition to the new non slip tiles, there are chemical treatments that can be applied to existing tiled surfaces   These treatments facilitate chemical etchings on the floor surface drilling microscopic holes in the tile.  Again the cleaning problems associated with these types of altered surfaces need to be understood before attempting to keep them clean.  Traditional mopping techniques won’t be sufficient to reach the pores created in the tiles.

Methods that have seen some success include machine scrubbing, specialised hard floor cleaning products and high pressure washing.  However, the most effective way to clean these surfaces in the  majority of cases is to utilise microfibre cloths that have the capacity to reach inside the pores of the tile and remove any debris.  However, even with this method there are some drawbacks as the cloths  wear out relatively quickly.

Whatever cleaning method is chosen, a regular floor tile cleaning program must be put in place to ensure that the floor surface remains in a presentable condition.

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