Outsourcing Cleaning to Professionals Drives Efficiency

2nd of January 2018

Outsourcing Cleaning to Professionals Drives Efficiency

Outsourcing is a buzzword in today’s economy. The benefits of engaging professional help to perform specific tasks delivers can deliver better returns and allows your to focus entirely on the things that really matter in your business. Outsourcing works for all business models and is particularly suited to commercial cleaning requirements.

In house cleaning programs require added on costs of training, annual leave, supervision, superannuation among other costs. They also rely heavily upon one or two people to deliver consistent quality. There simply isn’t enough scope to cover all contingencies. Inevitably, businesses that you in house cleaners will experience peaks and troughs in cleaning output, regardless of the individuals involved. 

When you outsource your cleaning duties to a professional organisation not only do you remove the hidden costs of in house cleaning but you also remove the hassles associated with managing and organising its day to day operations.
To be clear there are three critical efficiency benefits associated with outsourcing commercial cleaning.

1. Your Profitability Improves. There is no greater test of a business action than the impact it has on the all important bottom line. There will be no more expenses associated with cleaning supplies or equipment nor the staff add ons like workers compensation, insurance, superannuation and training. There will be one agreed cost. Cleaning. It’s a simple predictable equation.

2. Your business focus improves. Let the cleaning company focus on cleaning while you and your team focus on the things that matter to your business. With improved focus comes better output and hopefully more income.

3. Improves team morale. This works in two ways. The reduced effort required by the business owner in managing cleaning duties will help improve sharpen their mind. Employees will respond to a better, cleaner environment that has been professionally cleaned. People respond well to being treated well. Providing the best possible environment for them to work in is sure to grab their attention.

All too often, when businesses speak of improving efficiency, they are limited to thinking in terms of cost cutting, rather than undertaking practices that will improve overall performance. Outsourcing cleaning duties not only will cut costs, it will help to lift your team’s overall performance.

Envy Cleaning Solutions are a well respected commercial cleaning company capable of servicing your company’s cleaning requirements. Give us a call today to discuss your cleaning requirements.

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