What type of Office Cleaning Service Do You Need 

14th of December 2017

What type of Office Cleaning Service Do You Need 

What type of Office Cleaning Service Do You Need 

Office cleaning services is a bit of a catch all phrase – and not all office cleaning services are going to be suitable for your business.  It’s important to understand exactly what services are available, so you can match your needs to the services offered.

There are some office cleaning services that would be considered standard requirements for most businesses.

These activities include -:

  • daily dusting which will help keep the office looking clean,
  • Regular active cleaning of wash room areas.  This would include ensuring that there are enough supplies of paper towels, soap and any appropriate chemicals.
  • Regular cleaning of kitchen areas including the removal of any food scraps.
  • Floor cleaning which includes sweeping, mopping and vacuuming of carpeted areas.
  • General maintenance – this would include the emptying of rubbish bins, the cleaning of kitchen utensils including coffee cups etcetera.

While most cleaning companies will offer these services as a matter of course there are some other activities that you may require that might not necessarily be offered by all cleaning companies.
Envy Cleaning Solutions offer all of the above additional services in addition to the core cleaning services listed above.

  • Window cleaning service.  This isn’t an everyday job, but window cleaning should be undertaken on a periodic basis.  The cleaning period will vary depending on a variety of factors.  A discussion with a professional cleaning company will help you establish a regular window cleaning regime that will keep your windows looking good and free from any potential wear.
  • Carpet cleaning service.  Can be tailored to office needs.  Not all carpeted areas need t be cleaned on a daily basis, but some will need to be.  Again, a consultation with a commercial cleaner will help you to establish the most effective carpet cleaning program.
  • Wall and tile cleaning.  Walls and tiles accumulate dirt, grease and grim over time.  Walls will lose their initial lustre and tiling may become sticky.  A regular cleaning program will help to alleviate these problems.
  • Cleaning of External Office Compounds.  Needs to be undertaken on a regular basis to prevent a loss of image.  Pressure washing of areas like these, can assist to effectively clean these areas in an economical fashion.

Envy Cleaning Solutions are ready to help you with all your cleaning needs.  Call us today to discuss your specific cleaning requirements.

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