Maintain  Consistent Standards With Professional Strata Cleaning

13th of December 2017

Maintain  Consistent Standards With Professional Strata Cleaning

Maintain  Consistent Standards With Professional Strata Cleaning  

Keeping a residential strata block clean is no easy task. There are heaps of factors to take into consideration and how cleaning is done will be dependent upon the size and structure of the building itself as well as the systems in place within those buildings.
If you are responsible for maintaining a strata, you need to ensure that the whole strata is maintained at the same standard and that’s where you can count on a professional  Strata Cleaning Service like Envy Cleaning Solutions.
Our professional  team possess the know how and tools required to properly clean all types of strata. Our cleaning program will ensure that you get the results that you desire across the whole of your strata property.
As standard operating procedure, the team at Envy Cleaning Solutions will perform the following tasks –

•Standard cleaning tasks such as vacuuming, sweeping and mopping dirt away from the floor areas and windows.

• Regular cleaning of all the bins and recommending the right disposal methods for all types of waste.

• A regular planned exterior surface cleaning of all surfaces of the building including windows.

•Maintenance of air conditioning systems. This is a vital activity that can involve complex machinery. Maintenance of air conditioning units is necessary to ensure the comfort of all strata building residents.

•In large strata buildings, the maintenance and cleaning of tiles can prove to be a challenging task. Our methods and expertise combined with our tools will ensure that these important elements of your building are kept looking like new.

•Car park cleaning.  Car parks can attract huge amounts of dirt and grime. Our latest model cleaning equipment will assist you to keep the car parks  clean.

•Pressure cleaning.  This activity requires expert operators to do the best job. All large strata buildings require regular pressure cleaning. Our people are trained to use pressure cleaning tools in the most efficient manner.

Envy Cleaning Solutions has the well earned reputation of being the most reliable and professional  Strata cleaning service in Melbourne. Our commitment and years of experience will help you to attain standardised outcomes, providing you with the flexibility of made-to-order cleaning plans. Our solutions will always be tailored to your requirements and take into account your budgetary requirements.

If you are looking for assistance in maintaining your strata, then call Envy Cleaning Solutions now  and we will be happty to arrange a consultation with you.

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