Easily Missed Areas That Really Need to be Cleaned Regularly In The Office

2nd of January 2018

Easily Missed Areas That Really Need to be Cleaned Regularly In The Office

Out of sight out of mind  is a an old truth that is very relevant when it comes to office cleaning.  Things may look clean and tidy at first glance, but is your office hiding the dirt in dark out of the way places?  A superficial cleaning job may fool casual visitors, but office workers will be subjected to the dangers of an unhygienic workplace constantly.  They will notice those out of the way places that escape your first glance.  Not only will their health be put at risk, but morale will also be affected.

It pays to have a cleaning program that regularly addresses those out of the way places that attract grime and germs.

Here are some critical cleaning areas that are easily missed.

  • Phones are notorious dirt and germ traps.  Landline phones attract dust and are used by multiple people daily.  Keypads and handsets build up grease and harbour germs.  Regular wiping with a disinfected cloth will combat this.
  • Door and Window Handles.  Are subject to constant use.  Without sanitisation these everyday items can transmit germs between office workers easily.  One way to reduce the risk of contamination is to place some sanitising liquid prominently outside your office doors.  Instruct your workers to use the liquid when entering the office – ensure that you explain why you want them to do this and get buy in for the practice.
  • Keyboards, Mouse, CPU and Desktops are all subject to constant use and are inclined to trap dirt, dust and other debris.  They often don;t look dirty, but office keyboards for example have been found to hold more germs than a toilet seat.
  • Under Workstations Many cursory cleans never  get to these out of the way places.  Dust and office rubbish tend to accumulate in these places.

Cleaning these areas will result in a healthier cleaner workplace with all the resultant advantages including , less sick days, better morale and greater productivity.  The question  is how do you ensure that these out of the way nooks and crannies are regularly and consistently cleaned?

Engaging a commercial cleaning company that can be relied upon to perform cleaning to  set specifications at a high standard is the best answer.  Envy Cleaning Solutions have a proven history of reliability and quality.  Our office cleaners are trained to clean offices thoroughly and efficiently.

Call Envy Cleaning Solutions today to discuss your  office cleaning requirements.  We’re waiting to clean your office.

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