How to Assess The Performance Of Your Commercial Cleaning Company

1st of December 2017

How to Assess The Performance Of Your Commercial Cleaning Company

How to Assess The Performance Of Your Commercial Cleaning Company

Maintaining your business premises’ presentation to the highest possible standard should be high on the list of all business owners.  A clean business premises creates a great professional impression, helps with staff morale and importantly maintains a healthy workplace.  It’s money well spent providing that the commercial cleaners are doing their job properly.

Nobody is perfect and mistakes and errors are likely to happen occasionally, but if you notice a consistent level of dissatisfaction with the cleaning of your premise, its a good time to take stock and analyse exactly what the problem is.

To accurately assess the performance of your commercial cleaning company you may want to assess the following key areas.

  • Smell.  Is there a pattern of unpleasant odours drifting across the office, particularly from obvious trouble spots like toilets and cafeterias.  The smells may not be directly attributable to poor cleaning, but a good cleaning company should have noticed the problem and alerted you to the fact.  Check that toilets are being cleaned in accordance with agreed specifications and that all food scraps are being removed from the workplace daily.
  • Complaints.  Not everything is going to run smoothly.  More often that not, it is the response to concerns rather than the initial problem itself that will identify whether your cleaner is up to scratch or not.  Do they respond to your complaints quickly? Do they seek your feedback that problems have been remedied?  Or does your complaint get filed in a “too hard” basket?
  • Are there instances of slipping accidents?  Wet floors can cause serious injury to staff and customers alike.  Cleaners are going to use water to wash and scrub floor surfaces.  Do they mitigate the risk by leaving appropriate signage that is highly visible to all?  Or do they leave things to chance?  There is no room for leeway in this area.  Sloppy OH&S practices can lead to serious injury and hefty bills.
  • Are the cleaners taking up your time?  Commercial cleaners are meant to make things easier and more efficient for your business.  If you find that you are spending too much time supervising cleaners then something clearly is not working.  It is a sure sign that issues need to be addressed quickly by the cleaners or you need to begin taking steps to make alternate arrangements.

Envy Cleaning solutions is a professional  commercial cleaning company based in the Melbourne area.  Our team of highly trained cleaners can take care of your cleaning needs in an efficient, friendly and organised manner.  Call us today to discuss your commercial cleaning requirements.

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