The Importance of Office Dusting 

13th of December 2017

The Importance of Office Dusting 


Dust is one of those inevitable occupational hazards that every office encounters.  It doesn’t matter how regularly or how well you clean, particles of dust are sure to settle on your office furniture and fittings.  Films of dust not only create an unsightly impression they can also cause allergies and sickness.

With that in mind it is imperative that a regular comprehensive office dusting program be implemented.

While commercial cleaners are your best best to take care of your dusting processes there may be occasions when it is necessary to do some office dusting “on the fly.”  Here are some handy pointers to ensure that dusting is done the right way every time.

  1. Start your dusting with a clean cloth or wipe.
  2. Dust from the top down. This way dust will fall to lower surfaces, allowing you to clean down as you go.
  3. Vacuuming of floors and other surfaces should be down after the  initial top down hand dusting is performed.
  4. Care should be taken with the dusting implements to ensure that dust isn;t flicked needlessly from one area to another.
  5. A wipe or cloth capable of absorbing dust is the best bet.  Some cleaners use a practice of damp dusting.
  6. Its a good idea to where safety gloves if there is a need to access sharp or difficult to reach corners and cavities.
  7. Some of the best dusting cloths are microfibre cloths.  These cloths are electro-statically charged which means that they actually attract dust.  These cloths are highly absorbent and will last longer than other alternatives.
  8. Ceiling fans and light fixtures can be cleaned with a purpose built bendable duster – removing the need to climb ladders to dust these areas.

Regular dusting is a key component of your office cleaning regime.  While it can be done “in office” the best option is to engage a commercial cleaner who has the knowledge and experience to maintain a quality dusting and cleaning program.

Envy cleaning is ready to help you with all your cleaning requirements.  Call us today to arrange a consultation.

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