Commercial  Cleaning Melbourne Best Practices 

22nd of January 2018

Commercial  Cleaning Melbourne Best Practices 

Commercial  Cleaning Best Practices 

What does cleaning best practice even mean and how can you be assured that you are receiving best practice in your cleaning service?

What needs to be borne in mind from the start is that any cleaning service is only as good as the people who work for them.  To get the best performance out of people, cleaning companies need to put considerable time and effort into creating a  human resources system that is both professional and consistent.  All elements of people management must be first class – hiring, screening, ongoing training and most importantly, management.  It doesn’t stop there, active employee retention strategies must be pursued to ensure that all staff are motivated and engaged in their job.  The people factor is all important – without committed, trained and engaged people a cleaning company cannot hope  to deliver cleaning best practice.

Going hand in hand with the people management is the next pillar in cleaning best practice – transparent pricing.  Transparent pricing means exactly what it says.  Clearly understandable pricing that allows you to understand exactly what you are purchasing. Office cleaning bids should be sufficiently precise to allow you to compare competing bids.  They also should be sufficiently precise to enable you to hold your commercial cleaning company to account for the work that they have promised to do.

The next plank in best practice commercial cleaning is where in some respects, the rubber hits the road.  It’s a commitment to consistent responsive service. Its an easy thing to say- quite another to demonstrate.  Look for cleaning companies who have clear communication and complaint resolution strategies in place, as well as some sort of inspection regime to ensure that everything is being maintained to standard.

The final plank in providing best practice cleaning services is to be committed to occupational health and safety.  OH&S has many facets and a committed company will be proactive in its management to ensure that all cleaning procedures adhere to current standards.  Naturally, all chemicals will be appropriately handled and used.

Envy Cleaning Solutions are committed to providing the best possible commercial cleaning practices.  To arrange a consultation please call 1300 201 341.

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