Experience the Difference That A Professional Janitorial Service Makes

3rd of November 2017

Experience the Difference That A Professional Janitorial Service Makes

Cleaning presents a constant challenge for small and medium sized businesses.  Employing permanent cleaning staff carries ongoing costs and logistical issues.  Cleaning is too important to be adversely affected by logistical issues like sickness.  Staffing to cover all eventualities is too costly.  The solution is to outsource your cleaning to a professional commercial cleaning service.

By engaging a commercial cleaning service you pass all the logistical issues on to them.  Commercial cleaners can be relied upon to provide well trained reliable cleaning workforce to keep your premises in tip top condition.

A reputable commercial cleaning firm will train their staff to deliver first class cleaning services.  Floor cleaning, dusting, wash room cleaning and odour elimination will all be done to the highest degree.  Commercial cleaning makes perfect business sense. If you are in any doubt here is a list of reasons

Maintenance of High Cleaning Standards.  A professional cleaning service works to agreed standards and trains its staff to work to those standards.  This eliminates the difficulties caused by individually hiring cleaners and being subject to wild fluctuations in performance.  Any staff management issues will be the commercial cleaning firm’s responsibility.

Reliability.  There is probably no greater reason to hire a commercial cleaning company than to ensure reliability. Every employee gets sick at some time.  The effect that an employed cleaner’s absence can have on your day to day business operations can vary between inconvenient to catastrophic.  You can avoid this easily by engaging a commercial cleaning contractor.  They will ensure that your cleaning is done punctually and within the parameters that you agree upon.

Increased Versatility When you engage a professional cleaner you are getting access to multi skilled cleaning professionals, capable of carpet cleaning, mopping and sweeping, dusting, bathroom cleaning and general cleaning as well as being educated in the use of the proper chemicals to clean and disinfect wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Elimination of Cleaning Material Costs. Commercial cleaners like Envy Cleaning Solutions provide all their own cleaning materials and equipment.  That’s a saving right there.  Equipment that you will have no longer have to consider purchasing include vacuum cleaners, brooms and mops as well as chemicals and cloths.

Budget Savings When you engage a commercial cleaner, you remove costs like wages, superannuation,  cleaning materials and cleaning equipment.  You have one set cleaning cost and you know what it is going to be well in advance.

Flexibility You can consult with your cleaners to structure a cleaning regime suitable to your needs.    In the event that there are disruptions to your normal schedule, most commercial cleaning companies will be happy to fit in with your requirements.

If you would like to take advantage of the many benefits that commercial cleaners offer your business, give Envy Cleaning Solutions a call today.

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