How to Remove Greasy Slippery Stains In The Workplace.

3rd of November 2017

How to Remove Greasy Slippery Stains In The Workplace.

Grease and oil spills can  have devastating consequences for the appearance of your business. There  are possible safety concerns as well.    Grease stains can be tricky to remove and simply wiping up a spillage won’t usually suffice.  One thing that can be done immediately is to place paper over the spillage to soak up excess moisture.  Covering the stain with flour or some other powdery substance will assist in soaking up oils and similar substances.  Here are some of the actions you can take to remove greasy and oily stains.

  • After soaking up most of the grease and oil from the spillage, you should be able to wipe up the remaining mess with some sturdy cleaning wipes.   Any residual substance may need a little soap and water applied.  This should help you to remove that unpleasant sticky feeling.
  • Not only are old greasy stains unsightly and unpleasant to touch, they can attract dust particles and encourage bacterial growth. To remove these spots is not that difficult in most instances.  If you apply a mixture of baking soda and water to the offending area and allow it time to draw the grease out, you should be able to rub the greasy spot away after a few minutes.
  • If you are still having difficulty with stubborn greasy stains, vinegar may be your answer to your problem.  A mixture of vinegar and water can be rubbed on to the stain and you should see the stain begin to come out.  Its a simple process but it does have some drawbacks.  The key one being that vinegar is an acidic solution.  This means that sometimes the vinegar may react with the surface that you are trying to clean.   This may result in white spotting occurring on the surface.  These spots are unable to be removed.  The key take away here is to be very careful before deciding to use vinegar as your cleaning agent of choice.

If you are uncertain of what process to use to remove greasy stains, it is safer to engage a professional cleaner that knows how to deal with greasy and oily stains.  Envy cleaning solutions have the expertise and knowledge to cater for all your cleaning needs. We employ the very best Commercial Cleaners in Melbourne who are trained to take handle all of your cleaning needs, from the smallest cleaning tasks to the biggest cleaning jobs.

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