The Entrance Mat Is Your Office’s Front Line Dirt Defender

1st of December 2017

The Entrance Mat Is Your Office’s Front Line Dirt Defender

The Entrance Mat Is Your Office’s Front Line Dirt Defender

Here’s a fun fact. According to studies conducted by the World Cleaning Association, more than 80% of all dirt affecting facilities enters via foot traffic – on the soles of your workers and customers shoes. One simple way to reduce the amount of dirt and contaminants entering your workplace is to place an entrance mat at all your entrances.

While this won’t remove the need for office cleaning it will reduce the amount of debris being tramped into your workplace and therefore make it a healthier and cleaner place to work.  Here are the clear benefits of installing welcome mats at all your entrances besides the obvious one of reducing dirt.

  • Rain no longer becomes an issue.  Entrance mats encourage visitors to wipe their shoes prior to entering, thereby reducing the instances of water and mud being transported into your dry areas.
  • While being useful, they also serve as a feature.  Entrance mat’s don’t have to be dull and boring, you can use them to accentuate your brand, match your colour schemes and even carry subtle advertising messages.
  • Reduces slippage risks.  Strategically placed mats can help prevent and reduce the instances of slipping.  Some business and industries are more prone to the risk of slippage than others, but any action taken to improve safety is a positive one.
  • Reduce Floor Damage.  There’s no higher foot traffic area than an entrance and high foot traffic will result in wear and tear.  Mats protect your floors as well as trap dirt.
  • Some mats can actually kill bacteria.  There is a process where some mats can be infused with microbe combating power.  Not only will this help keep your place looking clean it will rid your workplace of many of those nasty organisms that can cause genuine health concerns.

Presentation as well as occupational health and safety issues should be at the forefront of all business owner’s minds.  Man thousands of dollars are spent on maintaining a clean business.  Prevention is always better than cure and to that end, a simple low cost investment in some sturdy welcome mats is going to pay for itself many times over – as these mats act as your businesses first line of defence against dirt, mud and dangerous micro-organisms.

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