Look Up! Are Your Ceiling Tiles Being Cleaned Properly?

1st of December 2017

Look Up! Are Your Ceiling Tiles Being Cleaned Properly?

Look Up! Are Your Ceiling Tiles Being Cleaned Properly?

At first glance, most of us see floors and walls in a workplace.  If they look clean and tidy the workplace must be clean and tidy -right?


Workplace ceilings are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning and they’re overlooked at the business owner’s peril.  Dirty ceilings can create bad impressions for customers, staff and suppliers alike.

Of particular concern are ceiling tiles.  Cleaning isn’t a simple matter of a wash and paint.  A specialised approach is required.

Over time ceiling tiles can become grubby as dirt and grime will build up on their surface.  They look bad and worse still can badly affect the quality of air in the workplace.

Many businesses choose to replace ceiling tiles when they reach this state.  However, a far more economical choice in most cases is to simply have them cleaned by a professional cleaner.

Ceiling tiles grow dirty over time as air circulation driven by air conditioning systems drives millions of suits particles across the ceiling constantly.  Even so, ceiling tiles will generally only need to be cleaned  properly once every two to three years.

Envy Cleaning Solutions have the expertise to professionally clean your ceiling tiles when required.  However,  we advise that some regular cleaning maintenance can help to keep ceiling tiles looking good for longer periods than otherwise would occur.  These simple maintenance steps include:

  • Brushing and vacuuming tiles will help remove obvious dirt traces.  This is best done by professionals as they will take the necessary steps to protect all office furniture and fittings from the dirt and dust that may fall to ground.
  • Small stains can be touched up with paints specifically designed for the purpose
  • Heavy duty ceiling areas – like commercial kitchens need special treatment and will most likely require cleaning using some form of detergent.
  • Air conditioning vents are a constant source of dust and germs.  Regular cleaning of these areas will assist in keeping the ceiling tiles looking better for longer.

Envy Cleaning Solutions know how to safely clean your ceiling tiles.  Our team of expert staff have been trained in the required techniques and will ensure that your ceiling looks as good as new.

For a no obligation quote about any cleaning needs feel free to call Envy Cleaning Solutions on 1300201341.  When it comes to commercial cleaning we’ve got your covered.

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