Bad Hygiene In The Office Can Lead To These Five Nasty Consequences

2nd of January 2018

Bad Hygiene In The Office Can Lead To These Five Nasty Consequences

Poor health in the workplace leads to poor performance, reduced profits and maybe some Occupational Health and Safety issues that you would prefer not to deal with.   Maintaining hygiene  in the workplace should create a welcoming comfortable environment with reduced sick leave and greater output.  Your employees health has a massive affect upon your business.  With this in mind here are the most common problems caused by a breakdown in workplace cleanliness.

Allergies: An unhygienic environment, particularly one with circulating air is going to see many allergens triggered by floating dust particles, pollens and other microscopic objects.  This can result in many employees being forced to work in discomfort.

Headaches: This common ailment is more prevalent in unhygienic workplaces.  There are many reasons why people suffer headaches.  However, if you are aware that there is a consistent headache problem at your workplace, it could pay to review your workplace hygiene.

Eye Irritation: Eye infections usually spread through touch.  All employees constantly touch their face.  This results in a risk of infection where a workplace is not cleaned regularly.  Objects within the workplace are likely to be carrying germs and you are putting your employees at constant risk as hands can transfer these germs from the workplace to the face and eyes.

Gastroenteritis: A breakdown in hygiene, particularly in eating areas can lead to some very unpleasant situations.  Gastroenteritis can be debilitating and it is highly communicable.  If a dose spreads through your office, it may significantly reduce your staffing levels.  Furthermore, the OHS consequences for a business that was found to cause an outbreak could be severe.

Dengue: Is one of a number of insect borne diseases that could thrive in the workplace.  This is particularly so if wet areas aren’t cleaned properly.  One particular area that is known to have caused significant problems I the past is  air-conditioning units. When these units aren’t cleaned, bacteria and insects can thrive in the units and cause massive health problems.

The best way to ensure these potential threats to your workforce health are eliminated or minimised is to engage a professional cleaning company to keep your workplace clean and safe for your workers.  Envy Cleaning Solutions has a proven track record of working with businesses of all sizes across Melbourne.  Give us a call today to discuss the most effective hygiene program for your business.

Good cleaners save you time, money and hassles.

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