The Importance of A Clean Meeting Room

8th of January 2018

The Importance of A Clean Meeting Room

The Importance of A Clean Meeting Room

Meeting rooms are where big decisions are often made and you need to take every step to ensure that the meeting room environment is going to be as conducive as possible to good decision making. The little things can often make all the difference in a meeting room. The last thing you need is key decision makers to be distracted by annoying traces of dirt or dust or a stale odour that just won’t go away.
Engaging a commercial cleaner will help keep the meeting rooms in a state that will help the meeting environment. Here are some things to consider about the cleanliness of your meeting room.

• When we think clean, we don’t just think about what a room looks like. Often the smell of a room can betray the overall cleanliness of the area. Because meeting rooms may not be used as often as other areas, it is easy to think that they will remain clean. However lack of use can often result in a stale odour emanating from the room and that odour could effectively kill the meeting before it even starts. Thought should be given to installing something that will neutralise such smells.

• Some meetings are longer than others and inevitably it may be necessary to provide food to meeting participants. A clear strategy to deal with leftovers must be in place to ensure that the room remains germ free and free of stale food odours. Removing food quickly from the meeting room will help to prevent vermin from being attracted to the room

• Regular vacuuming and dusting must be maintained regardless of meeting room use. Otherwise, dust will settle and detract from the overall ambience of the room.

• Meeting room furniture should be comfortable but remain easy to clean. Chairs can often harbour crumbs and other detritus. Careful selection of your office furniture will reduce this.

While, viewed in isolation these cleaning considerations may seem self evident, it is easy to overlook these aspects when Meeting Rooms are not used constantly. Ideally, engaging a commercial cleaning company to perform all of your business cleaning is the best strategy to ensure quality cleaning of your premises.

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