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How Commercial Cleaners Can Help Schools Improve Learning results 

22nd of January 2018
Commercial & Office Cleaning Mulgrave, Glen Waverley, South Yarra

How Commercial Cleaners Can Help Schools Improve Learning results 

How Commercial Cleaners Can Help Schools Improve Learning results 

Schools present a unique set of cleaning challenges and the benefits of engaging commercial cleaners to get the job done properly are many.   Health and safety of teachers and students alike, financial savings and and morale are key benefits that any school cleaning program should deliver.

Let’s look at why a commercial cleaning company is the wisest choice for any school.

  1. Full and complete service.  You can rely upon a commercial cleaning company to provide the full range of cleaning services as  agreed every day.  A commercial cleaning company will provide an agreed structured format that will meet your specific requirements.  They will also have the correct checking and review processes to  ensure that you get the level of service that you are promised.
  2. Responsible and Environmentally Sound Cleaning.  Quality commercial cleaning companies have taken the steps to go green.  They know what to use, how they work,  and in what quantities they should be applied.  You can rest assured that a responsible commercial cleaner will use safe clean and green products wherever possible.
  3. Improved Morale  Both students and teachers will appreciate a consistent level of cleanliness.  There’s nothing worse than trying to teach or learn while putting up with a strange odour or unsightly stain.  Commercial cleaners will ensure that these instances are few and far between.
  4. Screened Cleaning Staff  Professional commercial cleaners put much time and effort into training and selecting staff.  All cleaners will be screened too ensure that only suitable personnel are engaged.
  5. Free up funds for other purposes.  When you sit down and do the sums you will find that commercial cleaners will actually save you money compared to running your own in house school cleaning program.  You will no longer need to allocate funds for cleaning wages, superannuation, cleaning supplies or cleaning equipment.  These funds can be re-targeted to areas that are going to benefit your students more.

When you take the time to analyse the benefits of commercial cleaning you can see a solid argument that taking the step to engage a commercial cleaner will deliver direct benefits to your schools which should result in increased learning capability.

Envy Cleaning Solutions are a Melbourne based commercial cleaning service that  can cater for all school cleaning requirements.  To discuss your school cleaning requirements call Envy today on 1300201341

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