Preventing slippages in the commercial kitchen

20th of February 2018

Preventing slippages in the commercial kitchen


Commercial kitchens are going to be subject to numerous spillages in their day to day operations.  Spillages create hazards in the form of contamination risks and slippages – and it is imperative that kitchen staff act promptly to remove the potential hazard.

It’s important to remember that some liquid spills are potentially more hazardous than others.  These spillages are usually the most difficult to remove as they usually contain grease and oil.  It is therefore essential to ensure that the kitchen not only has the right equipment to clean up the mess, but staff are sufficiently trained to use the equipment appropriately.

A fast and effective way to remove spills of a general nature is to use absorbent pads.  Some of these pads can speed up the cleaning process through a process known as bioremediation This  remove infectious germs and other contaminants by naturally altering the environment.

Prevention is always better than cure and  it is possible to take steps in storage and transportation processes to prevent spillages.   One simple strategy is to use furniture felt as an effective means of  increasing the friction of surfaces where stock is stored. This material is manufactured from needle-punch synthetic fibre and has a thickness of 450 grams per square metre, and it is able to absorb any type of solid or liquid spillage. Furniture felt is also easy to clean in water and is able to be re-used repeatedly. Industrial rags are an alternative solution that that is both cost effective and provides maximum coverage. They are a a cost-effective way to help with packing, surface protection and spill cleaning. They are a versatile answer to any transportation or storage related spill.

One area to be particularly careful around is kitchen equipment and machinery.  Proper cleaning of all machinery must be a part of any commercial kitchen cleaning routine.  Manual cleaning can be a time consuming process.  One alternative is to investigate the use of hot spray wash cleaning machines. These machines can be custom built to suit any workplace.

Whatever your commercial cleaning needs are, it may pay to consult with a professional cleaning company that can help you to ensure that your commercial kitchen cleaning is both cost effective and meeting the highest standards.

Envy Cleaning Solutions is a Melbourne based commercial cleaning company with a proud history of working with commercial kitchen owners across the suburban area.  Give us a call today to discuss your cleaning requirements.

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