How To Choose The Right Cleaning Company For Your Business

9th of November 2017

How To Choose The Right Cleaning Company For Your Business

No two cleaning companies are the same. Choosing the one that best suits your business will go a long way to ensuring that your business cleaning is done efficiently and with minimal impact on your important business operations.

The trick is to choose the right cleaning company the first time. To aid you, we have compiled a check list for you to follow when choosing your cleaning company.
Before you even begin your selection process, you should take time to quantify what your cleaning needs are. Once you have a clear picture of your needs you can then get down to business and consider the following points.

• What will the cleaning package deliver? Specifically what services does the cleaner promise to deliver? If something is not mentioned be sure to check that it is covered. Is the service a dust and wipe service, or does it offer more? Does the cleaning package include cleaning of rest rooms and kitchen areas? They seem basic requirements, but you need to know exactly what is going to be delivered. When you know specifics, you can than accurately assess the next point which is..

• How much will it cost? Explore what “add ons” there may be and find out whether there are additional fees for changes in hours etcetera. Also take time to investigate what additional cleaning rates might be for those unexpected problems that occur in every business.

• Does the cleaning company have experience in dealing with workplaces like yours? Some cleaning companies specialise in certain areas. Make sure that the companies that you look at have proven expertise in working with premises like yours. Consider their floor cleaning credentials as well as any other special requirements you may have.

• What is the cleaning quality like? A great litmus test is the time that they allow to clean a bathroom area. It will tell you everything you need to know. You want a cleaning service that cleans properly.

• What cleaning products are used? The most basic question of all is are the cleaning products they use safe? Many companies now use eco-friendly products. Is this just a marketing strategy or are the products genuine? The bottom line is this. Will the products that the cleaning company proposes to use a) work and b) not have any negative health impacts upon your employees and customers?

• Do some due diligence. Investigate the cleaning company. What is their reputation? Who are the owners? How long have they been in business? In short – can you rely upon them?

• Do they provide good service? This is hard to gauge until you actually commit to a company. However, you can at least check to see what their policy is in relation to call backs (when you may not be satisfied with the cleaning). It may also be possible to ask them to do a trial cleaning. This way you can get a handle on what level of cleaning service you can expect. Youc an also review online reviews of the company’s service delivery.
By using this check list you should be able to narrow your choice of cleaning professional down to one or two quality cleaners. We would like to think that Envy Cleaning Solutions would be on your short list. TO discuss your cleaning needs please call Envy Cleaning Solutions today.

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