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Childcare Facility Maintenance Check list

13th of December 2017
Childcare Cleaning  Services Melbourne, Cheltenham, Brighton, bayside

Childcare Facility Maintenance Check list

Childcare Facility Maintenance Check list

It is imperative for childcare facilities to maintain their facilities in as close to pristine condition as possible.  Childcare facilities have an obvious duty of care to the children that they care as well as a need to present the best possible image to parents and employees.

Childcare facilities are typically large areas that require vigilance and regular cleaning.  The best strategy when it comes  to maintaining the childcare facility is to adopt a maintenance check list covering all areas listed below.

External Maintenance

The outside appearance of the childcare facility creates an important first impression.  To ensure that it is in the best possible condition regular inspections of the following elements should be undertaken.

  • Check roofs for wear and tear that could result in leakages occurring.
  • Periodic pressure washing of walls to be undertaken as required.
  • External cleaning of windows – dusting on a daily basis and washing as required.

Constant vigilance in relation to these matters will ensure that your building exterior looks in good condition as well as prolonging the building’s maintenance life.

Internal Maintenance

Naturally, all childcare facilities should adopt a daily cleaning program.  This check list covers some of the items that may not necessarily be cleaned in a normal cleaning regime.

  • Implement pest control.  Make sure that you have a system in place to prevent rodents and other creatures from gaining access.
  • Electrical appliances should be cleaned as well as serviced regularly.    Particular care needs to be taken with these items to ensure safety at all times.
  • Air conditioning units should be serviced regularly.
  • If water purifiers are installed they should be regularly cleaned to ensured bacteria and fungi are prevented form growing in the system.
  • Toilet areas are of particular concern in child care facilities and steps should be taken to ensure regular cleaning of these areas is undertaken throughout the day.

Cleaning goes hand in hand with maintenance of your childcare facility and the task is quite large.  Engaging a commercial cleaning company like Envy Cleaning Solutions will help you to keep your child care facility in excellent shape.  We understand what is required to maintain and service your facility so that your staff, children and parents alike will feel comfortable and safe when visiting your center.

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