We Are Committed to Providing Clients with Exceptional Results and Service

Envy separate our key performance indicators into three key components:

Performance – The Envy employee works as a team to meet your company’s cleanliness and standards required. Any issues are raised in a timely fashion to the management team for resolution.

People – Timeliness and quality of work with expectation of cleanliness and standards based on agreed upon requirements.

Client – Meets the requirements of the customer. Regular communication with your company’s Manager to ensure quality of cleanliness and standards are being met by Envy.

Staff training and maintenance

We are committed to training our staff to perform their duties in the best manner possible to successfully represent our brand and ensure our clients are satisfied with our work. The teams are managed in the field through FreshOps software – individual employees have scheduled time and attendance electronically captured. We can see this live on the FreshOps Dashboard from anywhere and anytime.

All sites are regularly visited by supervisors unannounced while cleaning is being carried out to ensure all cleaning staff follow strict guidelines. We also carry out cleaning audits fortnightly/monthly and in some cases more frequently. Envy will provide a monthly cleaning report and will also schedule monthly meetings to actively seek to gather your company’s feedback and expectations in process improvement. The Manager of your company will also have access to the FreshOps Client Report that will provide them with Site Summary that includes the number of Envy Employee active on the job, number of visits for the month, % of on-time visits, missed tasks and dates of incomplete visits if applicable.

Our sustainability policy

Envy’s sustainability policy will be implemented as part of the Environmental Management System. Managers and Supervisors are responsible, within their work areas, for implementing Envy environmental policies and guidelines. They must proactively address issues that may adversely affect environmental performance at sites and workplaces for which Envy is responsible with the principles of ecologically sustainable development. That includes assessing likely environmental outcomes before deciding to proceed with activities, using biodegradable chemicals where possible, using equipment that uses less water and cars and machinery that give off fewer carbon emissions, considering environmental outcomes when making decisions, in the same way that consideration is given to safety, cost, quality and time and minimising pollution and managing potential environmental impacts resulting from Envy’s activities and promoting the efficient use, reuse and recycling of resources.

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